Get Help

For centuries churches have been places for people to find comfort and shelter from the storms of life.  Today, with so many churches each burdened with a different sense of calling for what God wants them to do, it is impossible for one church to "do it all" with respect to helping the community.  This is especially true with small churches like ours.  Knowing our limitations, we have tried to do diligent research to find good, quality, Christ-centered groups so that if someone comes to us looking for help and we are not equipped for the task, that we might at least point them in the right direction.

Please feel free to contact us for any reason.  Specifically, we are equipped to help people grow in the knowledge of God through the study of the Bible, and provide a warm and loving community where people care about one another and can bear one another's burdens as well as share in one another's triumphs (Galatians 6:1-2; Romans 12:15-16).  The most common problems besetting most people can be helped by being engaged in a good church community.  Also, our pastors and elders are willing to meet for the purposes of certain counseling needs.  However, we recognize that while we might be able to help someone in any given circumstances, certain physical or emotional needs really need the help of a specialist.  In these cases, we are happy to help locate a suitable counselor or other expert.  

We are always willing to pray, however. Please feel free to contact us if you have any prayer needs by emailing, and we will be happy to forward your request on to our prayer team. We have a responsibility to play a part in walking in a healthy direction, but we recognize that we need God's help, and so we are committed to asking Him to intervene in and through our lives to bring about His good purposes.

Physical Help:
    Food, Shelter, Clothing, Legal, Job Training, Sustainable Living
The OC Rescue Mission* - A shelter that also provides assistance in counseling, education, job training, food, clothes, and independent living communities.
The Sheepfold* - A shelter for women and their children who are victims of abuse.  They try to establish independent living for these women and children so they do not return to their abusers and destructive lifestyle. 
Someone Cares Soup Kitchen* - Located in Costa Mesa, CA, Someone Cares Soup Kitchen provides meals every week day from noon to 3pm and on weekends from 9am to 11am. 
211211 is a number people can call to get a variety of help, services, and referrals.  They focus on helping with child care, food distribution, and job training. 
(please note this is not a Christian organization)
Emotional, Relational, and Mental Health:
    Counseling, Addiction, Relationships, Substance Abuse

Celebrate Recovery - A biblical and balanced program built on the words of Jesus to help people overcome their hurts, hang-ups, and habits. 
Asian American Christian Counseling Service (AACCS)* - A non-profit counseling service with affordable rates providing professional services to support positive personal change and improved interpersonal relationships. 
Center for Individual and Family Therapy (CIFT) - A local Christian counseling service to help people find hope, health, and healing. 
New Life Ministries - New Life is a national Christian ministry with a huge network of counselors for referrals, a daily call in counseling radio program, weekend intensive workshops, and a 24-hour call center for immediate needs. 
Alcoholics Anonymous - A program dedicated solely to helping people get and stay sober. 
(while Alcoholics Anonymous was founded with and utilizes Christian principles, it is not officially or expressly a Christian organization)