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In addition to supporting organizations, we recognize that there are individuals who have given their lives for a season or longer to full-time missionary work. We support the following individuals and families who have decided to go into the mission field to bring God's truth and healing to the ends of the earth.
David and Tomo Robison

Robison's moved to Japan in the spring of 2013 to begin their lives as career missionaries with JEMS (Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society).  They are serving in the Tsunami-affected northern coastal areas of Japan, which has a Christian population of only 0.2%. 


Alex and Kelly da Rocha

Alex and Kelly are full-time missionaries living permanently in Brazil working with I Planted a Seed, a small missionary organization in South America . Their ministry focuses on planting churches through local evangelism and outreach events (like tent meetings youth camps, drama, and soccer games).

Jones and Crystal Miranda
Jones and Crystal are also missionaries with I Planted a Seed, though their ministry is in Uruguay rather than Brazil. Crystal and Kelly are sisters and have similar ministry strategy. Jones and Crystal use the tools of evangelism to build a base of people with which to form a church and ultimately build a meeting place.