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Our Story

Stonebridge Christian Church was planted in 1994 with a vision to "build bridges" into the community to reach others for Christ. Founding Pastor Ken Gibo, also a business owner, planned to use his business facilities in Huntington Beach during the off hours for church services and mid-week meetings.

 A small group of 9 began meeting and planning for a year leading up to the first service in May of 1994. During that year of planning and praying, this small group began playing roller hockey with friends, and eventually built a small private rink in the business facility and organized informal leagues. As the leagues grew, so did this hockey community, many of whom eventually became the core of the new church plant.

 In 1996, the business (Intra Storage Systems, Inc.) moved to a new facility in Huntington Beach. In addition to their existing business, they built and opened a public inline hockey center next door to meet the growing needs of the indoor hockey community in the area. Stonebridge met inside a multi-purpose room in the hockey facility and continued to reach out to the hockey community. Young families became the core of the church--many of them hockey families with kids between the ages of 5 and 15. Stonebridge grew in attendance and maturity as people came, put down roots, enjoyed the company of Christians, and gave their lives to Jesus.

 A little over a decade later, many of the kids who had played hockey were grown and off to college. ISS sold the inline hockey center in 2008 and Stonebridge had to relocate. They didn't have to move far, however, as Intra Storage Systems, Inc. (ISS) graciously opened up its facilities for use by the church in the off hours. Although it required that the church had to set up and tear down for each Sunday service, Stonebridge was grateful for this transitory place to gather and worship until a more permanent facility could be found.  The community bonded as they worked together, met together, and worshipped together for 4 and 1/2 years in a warehouse setting.

 Finally, in 2013, ISS bought and moved into a new facility in Garden Grove. Once again, the church made the move with the business as a larger warehouse was able to accommodate a dedicated space for the church. With the combined efforts of many church members, Stonebridge Christian Church built a new worship center and opened its doors on Easter Sunday in 2014. The church has been meeting there since. While the look is more modern now, Stonebridge has not strayed from its roots. The church still enjoys a time of fellowship after each service and the people are connected as one big church family. Community, outreach, and the teaching of God's Word remain central.

 We eagerly look to the future for what God will bring in the next season of the church. As faithful as God has been and as blessed as the church is, we truly believe that our best days are ahead of us.