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Pastors & Staff
Stonebridge's pastors take the primary teaching responsibilities and also do most of the planning and administrative work on the "front side" of issues and present plans and options to the elders.  Additionally, our "staff" consists of youth and music directors, each of whom oversee their respective areas of ministry and take on various leadership responsibilities as necessary.  

Ken Gibo is the founding pastor of Stonebridge
Christian Church. Always an avid student of the Scriptures, he had been teaching and preaching as a lay (volunteer) minister for many years, prior to and including his pastoral role at Stonebridge. Ken has always had a passion to reach people for Christ by communicating God’s Word in such a way that people could understand it.

Ken is
unique in that he also works in the “marketplace” as a principle in GK Chairs. This gives him the added perspective of living out one’s faith in the challenging environment of the business world. His sermons reflect his desire to help God’s people live out their faith in every facet of their lives. He and his wife, Naomi, have three sons.
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Benji Sutherland has been serving at Stonebridge Christian Church since the fall of 2013. He was the youth director until September of 2016 when the church called him as Staff Pastor. Benji graduated from Biola University with a degree in Biblical Studies, and is currently working on his M.Div for Pastoral and General Ministries at Talbot Seminary, Biola's graduate school. His passion is to see everyone know and understand the gospel and have it transform their lives as they seek to grow in their faith every single day. A lover of all sports, Benji is known for his never ending desire to play and compete and worship the Lord through physical activity. Benji loves the family setting of Stonebridge and loves to serve in a place that values close relationships among believers as a vital tool in spreading the gospel to our neighbors near and far. 

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Kenny Gibo has been serving as a pastor at Stonebridge Christian Church since the summer of 2011. Kenny grew up in Huntington Beach and has been part of the Stonebridge family since its foundation. He dedicated his life to Jesus Christ when he was 12 years old at a church summer camp. Kenny recently graduated from Biola University where he majored in Business Administration, emphasizing in management and marketing. He also minored in Biblical Studies.

Kenny serves in the college and worship ministries. He married his wife, Lauren, in the summer of 2014.

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Angel Jimenez
 joined Stonebridge Christian Church as the Worship Director in the spring of 2013. He has a passion for leading the body of Christ in spirit and truth exaltation. He believes, and the church agrees, that God has called him to write worship music that bridges generations. Angel studied jazz and music theory privately and is self taught on a number of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, trumpet and synths. Angel was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated from Arizona State University Polytechnic in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Psychology and a minor in Religion. Immediately following this, he studied worship theology at the New Life School of Worship in Colorado Springs, CO. He married his beautiful wife, Annie, in the summer of 2015.

email Angel: ajimene3@asu.edu
Stonebridge is led by a team of elders. They are primarily responsible for casting the vision for the church, overseeing and "shepherding" the congregation, and praying for the various needs in and around us. Pastor Ken is part of the elder group and the other pastors sit in on the elder meetings. Each week we set aside time in our Sunday service for prayer led by one of the individuals from this group. If you have a prayer request that you would like to be on the prayer list please send the information to nagibo@stonebridgecc.org

Kenny Kokubun has been a part of the Stonebridge family since 1995 when he first visited the church through his sons' involvement with the roller hockey leagues. He enjoys singing with the worship team and serving on the church board. Kenny lives in Huntington Beach with his wife, Colleen, and two sons.

Bruce Kunichika 
is one of the elders at Stonebridge Christian Church and has been with the church since its inception with his wife Natalie and their four children. He is involved in the Wednesday night men's group and sings on the worship team. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking, roller hockey and fishing.  

Ben Sakaguchi has been a part of the Stonebridge community almost from the beginning along with his wife, Gail. Ben has always considered himself to be a Christian but his spiritual life has grown deeper and enriched through the discipleship and nurturing of the Stonebridge pastors and elders. He has recently retired after 44 years in the Aerospace industry and is enjoying raising his grandchildren in the ways of the Lord.

John Tyson has regularly attended Stonebridge since 1998 after his son began attending the services. He has directed Christmas plays, choirs, and occasional worship services and is a regular member of the praise team.

In addition to pastors and elders, our church also has many people who serve and support the community in other ways. If you are interested in learning more about serving at Stonebridge, go to our
serve page.