About Us

Mission Statement

We seek to reach out and faithfully share 
the good news about Jesus Christ, 

and to nurture the responsive 
into fully committed followers of Christ.
Stonebridge is a community of people
seeking to know Jesus Christ and to be like Him.
We engage in this process by...

Going Deeper
    in relationship with God because we value God. We desire an
    intimate, surrendered relationship with Him.

Sharing Life Together
    because we value community. In order to be a
    genuine community, we need to actually share struggles,
    triumphs and “life” together, and not be isolated in the midst of
    a group.

Pouring Ourselves Into Others
    because we value people, whether they are inside the
    church community or outside. We aim to bring God’s truth,
    healing, and love to others, even if it demands a sacrifice on
    our part.